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威廉安格力斯餐飲管理學院 CEO

“ At William Angliss Institute we understand that success requires a balance of skill, expert knowledge and hands-on experience. ”

在 William Angliss Institute,我們深知達成成功的要素必須同時達成專業知識和實戰經驗之間的平衡。

墨爾本萬豪酒店 市場營銷總監

“ William Angliss Institute graduates come with a confidence and core understanding of basic business theory and practical understanding of how to utilise it. ”

從 William Angliss Institute 畢業的學生除了能夠完全了解基礎的商業理論之外,更能將其有效運用在實際的操作。


“ I was so proud to secure a supervisory position in a 5-star international hotel chain immediately following my graduation from William Angliss. ”

從 William Angliss Institute 畢業後,讓我非常榮幸的在五星級的國際飯店獲得了一個主管職位。

Rattawit Anankitphanit
“ The knowledge and confidence gained from the course definitely helped me in getting a job at one of the best restaurants in Melbourne. ”

William Angliss Institute 課程所授予的專業知識讓我獲得了十足的信心和完全實際的幫助,更讓我在墨爾本非常有名的餐廳獲得了一份工作。

Cameron Maher
“ The practical approach to learning at the Institute developed the skills and, most importantly, the confidence to succeed in the industry. ”


Vijai Murugan
“ Angliss and hospitality has taken me around the world. Now I own and manage my own hospitality consulting business in India. ”

William Angliss Institute 和我所學的餐飲管理課程帶領我到了世界各地,現在我回到印度,擁有我自己的餐飲諮詢管理事業。

Haruna Seki
“ My best experience at William Angliss Institute was to be given opportunities to work in the tourism industry. ”

William Angliss Institute 給我最好的經驗就是給予了一個能在觀光產業工作的機會。

Chiara Bickel
“ Working in events really tests your ability to problem solve, remain calm under pressure, manage people, be extremely organised and step outside your comfort zone. ”